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Advanced Blockchain AG is a safe way for companies to reap the benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology, without the notorious volatility of the crypto-markets, the complicated process of investment in cryptocurrencies and the worry of being hacked. We focus on the creation, development and application of Distributed Ledger Technology software as the foundational layer for companies and their products and services. While Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA are all interesting cryptocurrencies - it’s the technology underlying them that is of most interest to the companies and industries of tomorrow and not necessarily the currencies themselves. The value of each cryptocurrency is derived from the technology powering it, such as Blockchain, the Tangle and smart-contracts. They’ve initiated the decentralization movement, made peer-to-peer transactions faster and cheaper and introduced us to immutable, trustless networks. This technology has opened up a whole new dimension to what we currently perceive to be possible in the digital world. Advanced Blockchain AG is making it viable for companies to incorporate the technology and its benefits into operations, products and services through meticulous research, close collaboration with clients and design, development and implementation of DLT software. Although Distributed Ledger Technology may suit certain companies and industries more than others, it is essentially industry-neutral. The difficulty often lies in understanding how your company or practice can benefit from implementing it. This requires a thorough understanding of the technology as well as the competence and experience to create the software that can exploit a given opportunity. We offer consultation services to companies considering making the jump into the world of DLT, where we do our utmost to ensure we understand what your company does and how it works, to be able to identify opportunities for DLT to increase efficiency, security, productivity and ultimately, bottom-line. Advanced Blockchain AG and our team of experts are at the forefront of these exciting new developments in the digital world. By helping companies make the jump into the world of DLT - product by product, network by network - we aim to bridge today’s economy, with the better connected, more inclusive economies of the future, ushering in the next wave of the digital age.

Management Team & Board

Michael Geike

Michael is a mathematician with over six years' experience as an investment banker for JP Morgan. He has also led teams of Data Scientists, focused on optimizing payment algorithms for Zalando, and has been involved with Distributed Ledger Technology since 2012, founding various projects in the space.

Robert Küfner

Robert has been a part of the cryptoworld since the turn of the decade as the founder of the first publicly-listed company in Europe to focus solely on DLT. Robert invested in the Ethereum crowd sale after meeting with Dr. Gavin Wood, and has since gone on to found nakamo.to - which serves to connect the real world with the vast potential of Distributed Ledger Technology.

Florian Reike
Research & Analyst

Florian’s burning passion for technology led him to the cryptocurrency world back in 2013, where he swiftly began investing in a range of tokens. Years of crypto-investment experience, paired with a keen eye for detail and deep knowledge of the industry, has helped Florian refine his research skill set - which has proven an invaluable asset as CVO for nakamo.to.

Martin Rubensdörffer
chairman of the supervisory board

Martin has practiced law for a number of firms, where’s he’s focused on everything from Road Traffic Law to Construction, Criminal and Corporate Law. He is chairman of the Board of Directors for Bitcoin Group SE, chairman of the Supervisory Board for Bavaria Venture Capital & Trade AG, and is also a member of the Supervisory Board for Babylon Capital AG.

Paul Kohlhaas
vice chairman of supervisory board

Paul is a blockchain engineer and entrepreneur with experience in finance and trading. Paul founded Linum Labs, a blockchain production studio in South Africa and also co-founded and hosts Ethereum meetups. He is currently Director of Business Development for decentralized venture production studio, ConsenSys.

Martin Mischke
supervisory board

Martin is a well respected figure in the crypto-community. He is the co-founder and ex-CFO of Bitwala, a blockchain based payment service, he co-founded Bitcoin startup incubator, Bitcoins Berlin, and also runs Transistor, Germany’s largest FinTech co-working space.

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